Traditional Sri Lanka King Cobra mask

These masks are a central element of Sri Lankan traditional rituals, ceremonies, and festivals, particularly those linked to healing and exorcism.

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Naga Raksha, or Cobra Mask is a very prominent representation of Sri Lankan masks. This masks portrays a demon who could transforms into a King Cobra. Distinctive Artistry of Sri Lankan Masks.

“Naga Raksha” mask as the name suggests is made up of numerous cobra hoods and depicts all the features of a demon having a ferocious face and a wide mouth with a set of sharp flesh eating teeth and a blood thirsty protruding tongue. This wooden mask is known for protection from all sorts of evil spirits.

The masks were traditionally carved from a tree known as the kaduru tree which was believed to have mystical powers.

Raw Material – Kaduru Wood (Scientific name: Strychnos nux-vomica)
Size 27cm X 20cm X 8cm (sizes can be slightly different).
Handcrafted by Sri Lankan Artisans
Available in different sizes (See our store)