Beautiful and lucky Peacock Mask

Sri Lankan Traditional Peacock Wooden Mask as well known Mayura Raksha

This suitable for Harmony & Good Vibes for Home and office

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Mayura Raksha Mask is known for bringing peace, wealth and prosperity to your house, business or property while warding off evil spirits.

Peacock Demon (Mayura Raksha) mask is one of the many Sri Lankan traditional wooden masks. The Traditional Wooden Raksha (Demon) Masks are one of the main productions in the Craft Industry of Sri Lanka and are a huge interest among the locals as well as the tourists. The Raksha(Demon) Wooden Masks have been used in Traditional Sri Lankan festivals and Cultural dances for decades. These Masks are handmade by our talented craftsmen using Kaduru wood which is a source of the world’s lightest timber. These Masks are believed to Ward off Evil and bring Harmony & Prosperity.

Peacock Demon (Devil) mask, also called “Mayura Raksha” or “Mayura Yak Muhunu” by the local community of Sri Lanka. According to folklore this mask believed to be represent the demon who leads the Peacocks. They believe having possession of this mask will bring peace, harmony and wealth. Three Peacock birds are crafted and painted in this mask. Based on the artist these masks are crafted colours and the shapes can be slightly different.

Raw Material – Kaduru Wood (Scientific name: Strychnos nux-vomica)
Medium : 26 cm X 32 cm
Handcrafted by Sri Lankan Artisans
Available in different sizes (See our store)