Traditional Fire Devil mask (Copy)

In Sri Lankan folklore and religious traditions, Fire Devils are believed to be powerful spirits associated with fire, often depicted as guardians or protectors against evil forces. The masks are commonly used in ritualistic dances and performances to ward off malevolent spirits, bring blessings, and invoke protection.

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Fire Demon (Gini Raksha) mask is one of the many of Sri Lankan traditional wooden masks. The Traditional Wooden Raksha (Demon) Masks are one of the main productions in the Craft Industry of Sri Lanka and a huge interest among the locals as well as the tourists. The Raksha(Demon) Wooden Masks has been used in Traditional Sri Lankan festivals and Cultural dances for decades. These Masks are handmade by our talented craftsmen using Kaduru wood which is a source of the world’s lightest timber. These Masks are believed to Ward off Evil and bring Harmony & Prosperity.

Fire Demon (Devil) mask, also called as “Gini Raksha” or “Gini Yak Muhunu” by local community of Sri Lanka. This mask represent the demon of fire who project anger towards all evil in the world. They believe this mask will work as a good luck charm and bring protection to households. Also having possession of this mask will drown off the enemies and, bring friendship and harmony. Another folklore says Gini Raksha mask is representing the emotion of anger which is why it includes colors such as red, black, yellow and white.

Raw Material – Kaduru Wood (Scientific name: Strychnos nux-vomica)
Size – 24cm X 21cm X 9cm
Handcrafted by Sri Lankan Artisans