Natural Wood Discs,Enchanted Wooden Discs

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Wooden discs can serve various purposes, from simple craft projects to educational tools and game pieces. They come in different sizes and thicknesses, making them versatile for different applications. People often use them for DIY projects like making coasters, ornaments, or even personalized tokens.

We have categorized listing sizes with disc diameter like 1 inch,2 inch and 3 inch. But if you need any other sizes send us message for your size before place the order.

We have two types of wooden discs.
1) Jack wood discs
2) Rain woode discs

Jack Wood Discs – You’re likely referring to wooden discs made from jackwood, which is the wood obtained from the jackfruit tree (Artocarpus heterophyllus). Jackwood is a tropical hardwood known for its durability and attractive grain patterns, making it a suitable material for crafting wooden discs.Wooden discs made from jackwood would inherit these properties, making them sturdy and visually appealing. These discs could be used in various craft projects, educational activities, or even as game pieces, as mentioned earlier. The use of jackwood would also give them a unique aesthetic characteristic of this particular wood species.

Rain Wood Discs – “Rain Wood Discs” could refer to discs made from a type of wood known as “rain tree wood.” Rain tree wood comes from various species of trees in the genus Samanea, particularly Samanea saman, also known as the rain tree or monkey pod tree.Rain tree wood is valued for its attractive grain patterns, durability, and ease of working. If you’re looking for wooden discs made from rain tree wood, they would likely have similar properties to other wooden discs but with the unique characteristics of rain tree wood, such as its grain patterns and color variations.

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These discs could be used in a variety of crafts, DIY projects, educational activities, or even as game pieces, depending on their size and thickness.


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Size and Quantity

1 inch Diameter 10 Discs, 2 inch Diameter 10 Discs, 3 inch Diameter 10 Discs

Wood Type

Jack Wood, Rain Wood