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Elevate your living space with the natural beauty of our Jack Wood Mushroom Sculpture. Handcrafted from sustainably sourced jack wood, each mushroom is meticulously carved to showcase the intricate textures and grains of the wood.

$ 24.34

“jack wood” refers to a specific type of wood, often known for its durability and distinctive grain patterns. Crafting wooden mushrooms from jack wood could produce stunning results, as the wood’s natural characteristics can add depth and texture to the finished pieces. The unique grain patterns could resemble the organic textures found on real mushrooms, enhancing their natural appeal. If you’re considering making or purchasing wooden mushrooms from jack wood, you’re likely to end up with beautifully crafted pieces that capture the rustic beauty of nature.

This categorized mushrooms can be kept anywhere and You have to fix them somewhere with glue or any support

Package Includes four mushrooms. Two made as broken just like “fragmented mushrooms”. The height of the small mushroom 5.5cm And large mushroom 7cm