Decorative coconut shell spoons

We have created these recipes to showcase the ancient tradition of Sri Lanka to the world.

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We have created these recipes to showcase the ancient tradition of Sri Lanka to the world.

This is a truly Sri Lankan handmade product. This is not just a color in handle. This spoons are handmade with coconut shell and lacquered wooden handles. Used Traditional Sri Lankan Methods to create these wooden spoons. Please kindly not that no two are the same due to our handmade nature. 100% Brand New and High Quality ECO Friendly spoons. These spoons are recommended for the preparation of food as the wooden bowl and the handle resist the heat and the product is 100% natural it will not contaminate your food. This product is reusable and makes sure to clean the spoon after use with water (you can use soap/ dishwasher liquid also) and dry it properly. Spoon handle size is 6 inches. But If you need other size please kindly message us before make the order.

Theme of our painting
Traditional Dancer Male / Female : The kandyan dance is highly sophisticated and refined. It flourished under the Kandyan kings from the 16th through the 19th centuries, and today it is considered the national dance of Sri Lanka.

Traditional Drummer : The Yak Beraya is the main drum used to accompany dance sequences in this region of Sri Lanka. This cylindrical drum is covered with the stomach lining of cattle and turned out of wood from Kitul, Coconut, Kohomba, Ehela and Milla trees. The drummer plays the instrument by hand whilst tied around the waist

Elephant : The Sri Lankan people have had a long association with elephants for a very long time. It has been a part of their traditional and religious activities.

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